Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Great Weekend With Mom and Cliff...

A great weekend with Mom and Cliff. We had a delicious dinner on Sat. night. Sunday was sleep late... the World Series was on until 2:00AM... and Mom and Cliff stayed up to watch it all.
Dave made a delicious breakfast... Mom and I went shopping... Dave and Cliff had their own agenda... Jill and Robbie over for dinner...lobster tails and Daves ribs... Very Good! Lots of laughter, fun, of course NAP TIME and the weekend is over.

A little shopping on Sunday w/ Mom and welll-a!

Cliff and Dave measuring for new blinds...

Robbie and Jill

Gram and Joey... lobster tails and Daves Ribs!!!

My NOVICE photography...

Me and "Tug"....

Monday, October 20, 2008

Lauren Rose...

This is a recent picture of Lauren!! She keeps busy. Today is her 1st wedding anniversary... Happy Anniversary, Lauren and Steven! Lauren keeps busy working for her husbands company and for UPS. She continues to create and draw... her God given talent. She is precious to me... part of my world... and if I were to sit on a porch across from God...I would say, "Thanks for letting my borrrow Lauren". I love you, Rosey.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Michael made this for me in 1998!!!

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A lovely Lily

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I so miss Michael... for some reason I feel so near to him when I am near the ocean. I can still hear his voice and see his smile. I hear his laugh. I cleaned out a cupboard the other day... I have a few of his clothes. I think that the clothes will have to disintegrate before I give them away. I am fiercely protective of all of his trinkets and very few "things" that I have of his. I know that they are "just things" but they are so precious to me... as they had some meaning of significance to him.
I took this pic in the sand at Cocoa Beach... and then right after that I looked down and there was a gorgeous piece of abalone shell.

MY BFF and Capt. Robbie

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Michael Joseph Lapinsky

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Friday, October 17, 2008

Cocoa Beach

Having a wonderful time... the weather is great...nice and warm and sunny. Yesterday, we went to see Charlie and Beth at their condo. We had a great time. I took a nap...by the pool and apparently was the envy of many who only wished that they could nap"like that"..LOL a PROFESSIONAL napper. Then last night we went to a comedy club... where we had a lot of laughs. Dave is having such a great time that he wants to spend another night! Great with me... I just have to open the store for 10:00 tomorrow...so I need to be on the road for 7:30. No big deal...another day by the pool is AOK w/ me. And we are going to Kyles Krafts this AM to buy a "pimping" (as my dear friend Capt. Robbie calls it) TOILET SEAT. That's right...toilet seat. They are one of a kind. LOOOOONG STORY. Stay tuned for pics.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Cocoa Beach

One more thing... Headed to Cocoa Beach on Thursday....overnighter with hubby. YAHOO!!!!
Stay tuned for pics and details.....


Well... lets see... have a new job and I am the manager!! Yeah, me. Also, went to RI and spent time with my grandchildren, and son and DILTBOD (daughter-in-law to be one day)... lots of excitement... BUSY. Been working both at my new job at "Go Fish" and also on my new jewelry line and appropriately named "The Gypsies Suitcase"... visit www.serendipitydotme.blogspot.com to view some of my new pieces!!!

Enjoy the pics...