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235 Vintage Official Camp Fire Girls Wood Uniform Beads - eBay (item 160340791125 end time Jun-15-09 09:16:39 PDT)

235 Vintage Official Camp Fire Girls Wood Uniform Beads - eBay (item 160340791125 end time Jun-15-09 09:16:39 PDT): "# Red – Sports, Games & Science – Trail to the Future
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# Purple – Special Projects"

Thursday, June 4, 2009

June 3, 2009

A milestone event and wonderful memories were on the Fuller menu last evening! Watching our son, Joey graduate was most definitely one of the proudest moments in our lives. A yummy dinner was had pre-graduation with Gram and Cliff, sister Lisa from RI, and Uncle Dave and Claire and of course Dave and I...and Joey's girlfriend, Natalie. It poured buckets so the graduation was help indoors in the gym for ticket holders (family) and guests were allowed to sit in the auditorium and watch via closed circut TV... UNFORTUNATELY... Uncle Dave and Claire we non ticket holders and when they arrived at the auditorium... no more seats and no standees were allowed... so off to Grams van they went to SIT the entire graduation out!

Joey looked as proud as ever and Dave as proud as I think I have ever seen him! Net..... the graduation cookout! Lisa and I are making home made mac and cheese!


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February 28, 2009 Happy Birthday, Me....

When I think about my birthday I think about my past... the good, the bad and the ugly... I think about my future and then finally the "right here, right now".
I think about a person who has much substance and is complex. I think about this great big world and the impact the my presense has had in all of the lives that mean so much to me. I wonder what lies ahead... and know that for sure, no matter what... I always have been asurvivor and will survive.

A sketch of me....

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Kristen and me!! Isn't she ADOREABLE??

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Sunday, February 8, 2009

Kyles 21st Birthday...

Just got home from RI... Klye's 21st birthday. A MILESTONE! I had the greatest time ever. The SMILE on his face when he saw me was something that I will NEVER forget. I spent time with all of my grandchildren and theya re simply amazing...
My kids are all great and I want them all to move to Florida. :) I will post pics...soon.

Altered Art ME!!

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