Sunday, September 21, 2008

Go Fish!

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Saturday, September 20, 2008

Home Again

Well...home again! Great to be home. Today is Saturday and I have been home since Tuesday night. Dave picked me up at the airport and we went out to eat... it was yum.. The very next morning I started my new job at "Go Fish" with my new position as manager. I am very happy there and have met some incredibly nice people. Again, great to be home.

Monday, September 15, 2008


Well... here it is the day before I go home. I am really missing Dave and Joey. Sometimes l feel like I have one foot in one world and one foot in another... God knows my heart is with everyone!
Yesterday was a tailspin of a day... Rochelle, Cassie, Kyle, Noah and I headed to the flea market... we had a good time... Nancy and Alex met us there and Rochelle took Noah and Alex and Nancy and I had a afternoon to just hang out... yes, I took a nap. LOL Nancy even made me a nap bed in her guest room. Nancy...yes... ANTI NAP Nancy. This stupid hand/wrist/arm does not like DAMP weather and I was seriously aching. Nurse Nanny put the heating pad on my arm and I woke up feeling so much better...after napping we went to Trudy and Ismael's gorgeous home and took the tour!!!! Trudy had the dining room all set up beautifully and we all sat together and had a delicious dinner. Uncle Kyle was the star of the day purchasing two laser pointers for Noah and Alex. A very good day...but by the time that Rochelle, Noah and I got home I was EXHAUSTED.
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My Beautiful Family....

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RI Vacation

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Sunday, September 14, 2008

Visiting Rhode Island...

Gosh, it has been so wonderful to see, hug, smell all of my little grandchildren. I have had such a relaxing time and felt so welcomed. I have been staying at Rochelle and Noah's house... feels like home. When I first arrived at the airport there, at the bottom of the escalator was "Moms Pride and Joy"... Kyle...just as handsome as ever. Then to the car to see Beautiful Bright Eyed Cassie Cakes.... off to my "hotel" Noah and Rochelle's. The next day... a "trash and treasure day" as Kristen and I call them... just driving aimlessly and combing every little town in the sticks and in CT. and buying what we both respectfully call a "treasure". That night my sis in LAW AND I WENT TO twist and had a great time. After a time and a small trial we got them to make the FROZEN MUDSLIDES deliciously and we talked and laughed and had a terrific time. The next day we went out to eat with Cassie's Mom, brother, Michael... me, Cassie and Kyle to the Cheese Cake Factory! YUM. Later, Cassie and I took naps and Kyle went to work. When Cassie and I awoke... we went to go and see Kyle at work! I was so proud to see him working hard. Picture to be posted of the handsome lad at work soon...I did meet a very nice lady named Vicki who is also the owner of the restaurant that Kyle works for and her son is attending school in my home town! So, I exchanged phone numbers w/ her and hope to see her and meet her son when she is in town! Seeing Kyle every day has been grrreat....I didn't get to see him yesterday...he worked and Cassie worked too. I DID however, have a GREAT day with Lisa, Riley, Mandy, Steven, Logan, Tyler and Noah!!!! Mandy made a delicious dinner of ham and sweet potato's with marshmallows...corn, garlic monkey bread...ummmm. OF COURSE I took my usual nap... the boys played in the sand and were "just boys".... enjoying one another. Uncle Steven was the star hit with the boys... playing with them throwing the multiple balls that were being tossed his way.. never skipping a beat! Lisa found a deer tick crawling on Mandy and Mandy about died. GG (me) decided that it was THEN a great time to stay inside....LOL... today its rainy but stay tuned for the update!

This is "TUG".. he likes me, Auntie Bling MORE than Capt. Robbie

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Babysitting T U G !!!!

What a day... doggie sat for TUG. TUG is my American Bulldog that my friend Capt. Robbie thinks is his. Actually... its the other way around. Tug is great... Tug takes NAPS! How cool is that. He is incredibly adoreable. He prominently wags his tail when he see Auntie Bling coming by. Picture of Tug coming soon!