Saturday, August 23, 2008


Steven's Short Visit...

It was fantastic to see Steven and spend some time with him. He was only here for a short visit. Personally, I get to see him and his wife and the boys and all of my other children in September. Not true for Dave and Joe.

To Karlene

To Karlene Broken Seashells, Broken Hearts
There is a book entitled "My Beautiful Broken Shell"
written by Carol Hamblet Adams
The author shares the brokenness of her heart and spirit as she struggled trough a difficult time. She was walking along a beach one day searching for perfect seashells to add to her collection. After awhile she comes to realize that the broken seashells reflect her own heart. In each shell she sees those who are hurting and who have lost loved ones, those who are frightened or alone. Like all of us, each shell in the vast sea is tremendously resilient after fighting so hard to keep from being totally crushed by the pounding surf. We, too, come to realize that it takes courage to remain on the shore after being "tossed by the storms of life and worn down by the sands of time"... despite the unrelenting pain and suffering in your hearts. Like you and I broken seashells represent our tears, deepest sorrows and pain from the loss of our precious boys. The turbulent crashing , waves of the sea followed by the calm waves , teaches us the true meaning of strength, courage and faith. The brokenness of each shell comes to remind us that when our hearts are shattered beyond belief, we can survive even the most horrific storms in our own lives. As each beautiful, broken shell doesn't pretend to be perfect or whole, it allows for its brokenness to be seen, knowing that within the center of the shell lays immense beauty.
Broken seashells don't exist alone, but are surrounded by a vast number of seashells, each broken in their own unique way. Like all of humanity, when you truly look around you see that we are all wounded in one way or another. As rare as it is to find a perfect shell in the midst of hundreds of shells lying on the beach, it's equally rare to find any one of us who has not experience deep pain and sorrow. As the broken shells lie close to one another, we are reminded that we too, live in community with each other and when we draw upon the strength and courage of others it helps us through the most difficult times.
Peace to you today, Karlene... honor BJ... and think of happy times that you shared together.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

"Whats a Sea Gypsy"?

I am a SeA gYpsY. A wanderer. At least my brain is a "wanderer"... And the Sea.... well... my love for the ocean goes back as far as I can remember. Playing in the waves at Sand Hill Cove. Mom would pack up the kids. Sometimes she would make us go strawberry picking first and tell us that if we picked a certain amount we could go to the beach... well, little did we know... we were about 5 minutes from the beach and Mom had made herself a handy little plan. Smart Lady!! She still is smart. Wendy and I had the most fun at the beach... and prob. went the most often. You see.. the beach was an ENTIRE hour from our house and if you live in Rhode Island...well, thats a LONG ride!! LOL. I just always loved the water... oceans, ponds. Mermaids are sort of a new "kick" I'm on. I was introduced to altered art and a mermaid was the first thing that I altered and then I got a job and was surrounded by mermaids and the rest is history... I love mermaids. So thats the story to "Whats a Sea Gypsy"? Or we could go with "I travel the seas in a huge yacht with servants and maids and live very large." That would be fun... but it would get old... knowing me. The Sea Gypsy.

Happy BIrthday

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Sunday, August 10, 2008

Happy Birthday, Cassie Cakes


Today is your birthday, so have a lot of fun... hopefully you don't have to work, and neither does my son. Celebrate your life and all that you are...and know that in my "book" you are a shining star. You bring my heart joy when you get to "come by"... and fill the days with joy as they fly, fly, fly. You have come to mean so much to me and your wisdom I do admire... in fact I think that I just might take you on for hire! Today is your day to embrace just what you have, the woman you are, the love around you and of course your Ky-Zee... even though he can be stubborn just like a pesky bee. So... blow out your candles and know that they reflect all that you are.., an amazing woman and a shining star. Happy Birthday. With all my love, Mama Fuller MUAHHHHHHHHHHHH

To My Precious Kyle, Heart of My Heart

I know that you've heard all your life that emotions make men weak

you must be brave you must be bold and tears are for the weak

And so you've held it all inside like you were taught to do

you kept it all inside like the world taught you to do

its time to know the truth...Real men cry, real men feel , tears are for the meek ,men are not made of steal. Real men hurt in spite of what you've learned. Believe me when I tell you.. real men cry.

Forget what you were told to be. Just be what you are. A man of passion, fire and dreams, who listens to his heart. A man who doesn't hide himself behind a wall stone and shows the world he's human and made of flesh and bone.

Kyle, you are amazing and any mother would be honored to have you as their son. You are among my most precious gifts from God. I am more than proud of you and all that you are and all that you can be. You are amazing and today, I just wanted to honor you you . I love and adore you, son... Momma Dukes

Friday, August 8, 2008

To My Michael

Thank God we have our memories to keep you so alive, those memories have become many people drive... getting through another day without you physically by.
You and I had so many fun times... searching for Indian arrowheads, riding bikes, "our" movie, "Planes, Trains & Automobiles"... oh how we laughed. A man you soon became. My most valued treasure? Your loyalty to me. We shared a special bond... my first born child and my friend.
Looking at the above picture which is dedicated to you... reminds me of a conversation that we once shared about "feeling small as we stood beside the ocean". I look at this picture and I see a majestic power in the background as the waves crash so strong and loud... then my eyes move forward to where the loudness eventually turns to silent, tiny bubbles... that eventually disappear. Perhaps that is why I feel so small when I stand beside the ocean... its a lot like life. Ever changing. Sometimes mesmerizing, serene and fierce.
I miss you son, my own "piece of the ocean"... with that captivating smile and those hugs so strong and from your heart. Your loyalty toward me will always be a treasure. Thank you for that, Mike.
I'll meet you "at the ocean"...

To My Michael

In My Amazing Son


Thank God that we have memories to keep you so alive,those memories have

become many people's drive… getting through another day without you physically by. You and I had so many fun times… searching for indian arrowheads, riding bikes and so much more. A man you soon became your loyalty to me still the same. We had a special bond… my first born and my friend. I know you'd like this picture… I took it myself.

Yes, Mike, I still feel small when I stand beside the ocean. I look at this picture and I see a majestic power in the backround in the crashing waves so strong and

Loud… then my eyes move forward to where the loudness turns to silent, tiny bubbles… that eventually disappear. Maybe thats why I feel small when I stand beside the ocean… its a lot like life. Ever changing. Sometimes mesmerizing, serene, and fierce.

I miss you, son, my own piece of "the ocean"… with that captivating smile and those hugs so strong and from your heart. Your loyalty toward me will always be in my heart. Thank you for that, Mike.

I'll meet you "at the ocean"…